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Boiler Servicing

Having your boiler serviced annually is important. Infrequent or lack of servicing means that your boiler is more likely to suffer a breakdown, resulting in inconvenient and sometimes costly repairs. It will also help to prevent potential carbon monoxide incidents and improve gas efficiency. Improved efficiency will ultimately reduce your fuel bills, giving you piece of mind that you boiler is working to its optimum performance.

Our boiler Service includes:
  • A general inspection of the overall condition of the boiler;
    asking the customer about its performance and service history
  • Observing the boiler in operation
  • Cleaning and or adjusting the following components:
    • Flue and flue terminal
    • Combustion fan (where fitted)
    • Pilot Burner
    • Main Burner
    • Main Heat Exchanger (condensing boiler)
    • Condensate Trap & Drain (condensing boiler)
    • Gaskets and Seals
  • Gas Safety and Carbon Monoxide Test
  • Yearly reminder to let you know that your next service is due. This also includes a ‘£10 OFF’ loyalty voucher as a Thank You for using us again.
This vital annual service costs just £60+ VAT. (£10 discount if you are an existing customer)

We can offer advice on how to make your central heating system and home more energy efficient.

A Serviced Boiler is a Safe Boiler!

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